How To Sell Your Own Home
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If you browse homes for sale online, you’ll find listings specified as For Sale By Owner or FSBO. This means the homeowner is selling their property without the help of a real estate agent or broker.

FSBO is more challenging than hiring a property professional to do the work for you. However, selling a house without a realtor can be personally rewarding and cost-effective. You have more control over the selling process and don’t have to pay agent commissions. 

Ready to learn how to sell your own home? Read our tips below to increase your chances of success. 


Tips and Techniques for Selling Your House

Set the Right Price

It’s crucial to price your home at a fair market value. This helps you compete against similar homes listed for sale. 

To make sure your home is priced competitively, do what a real estate professional would do: research the market. Compare your home with listings and past sales in your neighborhood to determine the best price and positioning for your property.

Some great pricing resources include:

  • Past home sales on Cribbed
  • Public Records
  • Open houses

Hiring an appraiser can also be beneficial. For a fee, an appraiser can provide a professional opinion on your home’s value based on a detailed inspection and market analysis.


Stage Your Home Effectively

When you work with a real estate agent or broker, they will likely hire a professional stager to ensure your home looks its best to potential buyers. However, when you learn how to sell your own home, it’s useful to learn how to stage it, too. 

Fortunately, home staging isn’t as difficult or as expensive as it sounds. Effective staging mainly involves removing personal items, rearranging furniture, and creating focal points. 

Follow these steps to prepare your home for buyers: 

  1. Declutter: Pack away personal items like family photos and memorabilia. Aim for clean surfaces and open sightlines throughout the house.
  2. Repaint Where Needed: A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color can significantly improve the look and feel of your home. Opt for light and airy hues, like shades of gray and white, to make rooms feel larger and appeal to a broad range of buyers.
  3. Deep Clean: A spotless home gives buyers a positive impression. It suggests that you’ve likely kept up with the maintenance of other crucial aspects, like the electrical system and plumbing. 
  4. Stage Furniture Strategically: Arrange furniture to show the intended purpose of a room. For example, if you’ve been using a spare bedroom as a home gym, remove exercise equipment and other workout gear. Consider furnishing and redecorating the room to demonstrate its potential as a functional bedroom.


Be Prepared to Negotiate 

Negotiating a real estate deal requires understanding and flexibility. Don’t be discouraged by initial offers below your asking price. Offers are a starting point; there’s usually room for compromise. Focus on what matters most to you and the buyer, whether it’s price, closing date, or other terms.

Be clear about your non-negotiables while remaining open to meeting your buyer somewhere in the middle. Even if an initial offer seems too low, it’s worth exploring to see if you can find a middle ground. At the very least, you’ll gain valuable insights about your property’s selling points and a baseline for future offers.


Take Control of Your Home Sale With Cribbed

Selling your own home can be a successful and rewarding endeavor. By developing a sound pricing strategy, effectively staging your home, and confidently approaching negotiations, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the FSBO experience.

Don’t spend hours searching “homes for sale by owner.” Reach out to Cribbed to simplify the process for you. Designed to make buying and selling homes easier, faster, and more affordable, Cribbed empowers you every step of the way. 

Explore our seller’s guide to learn more about selling on Cribbed, or contact us for more information.