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Represents the percent of time a buyer shows up for appointments. A buyer with a high accountability gives you the comfort level that your hard work preparing the home be unlikely to lead to disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there is a seasonality to selling, homes are bought and sold at all times of the year. People need to move for all kinds of reasons that are not dictated by the time of year or school calendar. If someone is selling in December, it’s probably because that’s when they need to move. Likewise, if someone is looking in December, it’s probably because they are in the market for a reason.

Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the price to account for the choice (or inability) to install a for sale sign. We understand there are circumstances where there is prohibition or sensitivity to a sign out front, but yard sign is the single best advertising you can do for the sale of your home. With that in mind, you will have the opportunity to choose to not have a sign installed, and can (and should) still choose the open house directional sign to make your home easy to find.

You can take as long as you need to sell. Your license on the platform is for 6 months, with a $50 fee for every month after that. Keep in mind that the longer a home is one the market, the more stigmatized it becomes. So, if you are truly motivated to sell it, it’s best to price it well, have it show its best, and accommodate showings as best as possible.

No, we are marketers, not licensed agents. We cannot give any direction related to your specific transaction in terms of pricing recommendations or negotiating advice. We can help with appropriate administrative and marketing functions though!

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund for homes that don’t sell. We are marketers and help you with a platform for promoting your listing. Since the management, pricing and emotions of selling a home are out of our control, we cannot promise a successful closing. But we feel if you are realistic with expectations and make an effort to get buyers through the door, you have a very good chance of closing on your home.

While we do not issue a refund if you decide to not sell your home, we will offer a discounted relist fee if your plans change again, for as long as you own that home. The relist fee is $300 covering the sign reinstallation, other sign deliverables and administrative expenses.

Price, showing condition and accommodating showings. If you get price right but the home doesn’t show well to support it, it knocks down the value. Or if your home looks great but the price is too high, the right buyer isn’t even seeing the fantastic effort. And, finally, you have to get buyers through the door. It’s a numbers game.

Yes, you may add additional photos that you feel add to the home’s appeal.

Yes, we feel strongly the process would only be successful if we took the same marketing measures as we did when we were agents. We know that photos are the single most important element to having the house look great to get the best price. It’s included with the price so why not enjoy that asset. That said, you can complement the photos with your own you may have taken of the garden in bloom, the pool in season, etc.

Yes! We encourage you to keep your photos updated, particularly when you list in the cusp of a season. In fact, as the leave come in feel free to take and retake to stay fresh. Be sure to take a wide shot, no cars in the driveway, no toys strewn, etc.

If you can, by all means do so! You only need one buyer so getting someone in who is already in the neighborhood could be all the difference. However, if you can’t possibly show in short order, politely let the buyer know when would be the soonest you could show it.

If a home is priced too high, and/or stays on the market too long, it becomes “stigmatized”. It will seem like you aren’t realistic. Buyers often move on from a too-high-priced home (vs. making a lower offer). You essentially help sell your neighbor’s homes! Every day a home is on the market, the lower the price goes down in the buyer’s mind.

These items will shipped separately to you in a box, sent out within 2-days of your Cribbed purchase.

Put the Open House announcement sign up no more than one week in advance, elsewise it will be confusing which Saturday or Sunday you are holding the home open. With that in mind, it’s good to put it up as soon as possible to give ample notice to those driving by.

Put the directional sign at the nearest cross street where the most buyers might be coming from, or where the most confusion might be. Don’t put it too far away as the buyers might lose track of your trail. Consider ordering additional directional signs if there are a lot of turns to get to your house, or if you’d like one for the front yard – especially if you don’t have an open house sign post in the yard with the open house sign rider with the start and end time on it.

It’s best if someone can take him on a walk or if he can stay with a friend or neighbor during the showing or open house. Having a barking dog at the home is not desirable. If the appointment is short notice and you have no options for the dog, explain the circumstances and the dog’s temperament and ask if they are okay with the dog staying, so that you may get them in to see the home.

This number reflects the percent of time the buyer showed up at the appointment as expected. It helps you to know whether they are reliable and likely to show up.

Yes! By all means, continue to market your home until closing. You can always take back up offers. Keep in mind, showings slow down considerably once a home is under contract. You must always be honest with buyers though, so they know a home is not fully available.