The Cribbed Process for Buying Your Home


Get Pre-Approved for Financing

Homes can move quickly, you want to be ready to go when you find the one you love. Demonstrate your purchasing strength by loading your credentials in advance and showcasing yourself to sellers as a Platinum Buyer. This designation will appear when requesting appointments, adding credibility to your status as a qualified home purchaser.


Search Homes

Cribbed provides a robust platform to view homes and request appointments on your time, bypassing the gatekeepers. Homes are presented professionally with the same detailed information you need and expect. Filter on important criteria, ”favorite” homes you love, save searches, etc. All your activity is organized in your Buyer Portal. No one knows your home needs and wishes better than you.


Make an Appointment

This is when buyers would previously have needed to call an agent, after they have done all the legwork, to get in the door. With Cribbed you open that door on your own, without working around layers of schedules. You can even message the seller through the private chat function to get answers to questions that might influence your interest in seeing the home. Wear your attendance badge proudly to show sellers you are committed to your appointments.


Tour Homes of Interest

Once your appointments are set, go out and fall in love. Cribbed sellers are guided in preparing their home to ensure a good visit. Buyers and sellers are rated for showing up to keep everyone accountable and to make it the best experience for all.


Submitting an Offer

You have all the tools necessary to create an offer, negotiate, and go under contract – even signing off right on the platform. The documentation is sent to your lender and First American Title Company, who take it from there. They make sure everything is buttoned up for closing per local requirements and customs – like transfer taxes or attorney laws. You can also hire representation even if not usual or customary. Your Cribbed timeline is your roadmap to the finish line.



After going under contract, buyers typically schedule a home inspection. Cribbed guides you AND the sellers as to the purpose and scope of the process to stay aligned and on the same page. Upon conclusion of the inspection the buyer and seller agree to any resolutions and move forward on reaching a successful closing!


Getting to a Successful Closing

Cribbed takes you across the finish line with expectations, a closing checklist, and timely reminders.


Enjoying Your New Home

This is why you buy a new home. To live! And love where you are. Until the next milestone arrives that guides you in a new direction. Enjoy the friendly journey and satisfaction of buying a home the only way that makes sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last minute emergencies happen. The best thing to do is to message the seller on the platform to let them know if you cannot make it and why, so that they will be more likely to reschedule. You also don’t want to not show up as it will affect your accountability ranking.

Absolutely not. Unless your dog is a service animal, it would not be appropriate to bring a pet into someone else’s home. If you do bring a service animal, it would be a good idea to message the seller to let them know in advance.

You can message a seller to ask questions or make any special requests. If they are agreeable to accommodating after the hours listed, you can book the time closest to what you want to get it documented for the appointment. But you must have an appointment to meet a seller.

With the Cribbed platform agents don’t have a role in the transaction. However, if your agent will only show you the home if you pay them, then you will need to consider the value they are adding and what that compensation should look like and be prepared to pay them out of pocket. That said, it’s entirely up to the seller if they are willing to pay for your representation. The truth is, it’s already something being contested with class action lawsuits as to why they would do that, and have done it as tradition.

This is your world and there are no rules or restrictions per se. This is the beauty of being empowered to do it your way, so it’s between whatever you and the seller agree to. However, before you bring along a professional, it is recommended that you give the seller a heads-up first.

In the unlikely event there is a seller who is unresponsive, inappropriate in any way, or if there is an innocent mix up, there are 3 dots under the main photo of the home where you can report a seller. We will follow-up with the seller to discuss the situation.

With all contract issues, we suggest you seek legal counsel to understand your options.