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Represents your commitment to your scheduled appointments. Sellers work hard to prepare for a showing – being dependable opens more doors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Last minute emergencies happen. The best thing to do is to message the seller on the platform to let them know if you cannot make it and why, so that they will be more likely to reschedule. You also don’t want to not show up as it will affect your accountability ranking.

Absolutely not. Unless your dog is a service animal, it would not be appropriate to bring a pet into someone else’s home. If you do bring a service animal, it would be a good idea to message the seller to let them know in advance.

You can message a seller to ask questions or make any special requests. If they are agreeable to accommodating after the hours listed, you can book the time closest to what you want to get it documented for the appointment. But you must have an appointment to meet a seller.

With the Cribbed platform agents don’t have a role in the transaction. However, if your agent will only show you the home if you pay them, then you will need to consider the value they are adding and what that compensation should look like, and be prepared to pay them out of pocket. That said, it’s entirely up to the seller if they are willing to pay for your representation. The truth is, it’s already something in today’s agent world that is getting contested with class action suits as to why they would do that, and have done it as tradition.

This is your world and there are no rules or restrictions per sec. That is the beauty being empowered to do it your way, so it’s between whatever you and the seller agree to. However, before you bring along a professional, it is recommended that you give the seller a heads up firsts.

In the unlikely event there is a seller who is unresponsive, inappropriate in any way, or if there is an innocent mix up, there are 3 dots under the main photo of the home where you can report a seller.

With any and all contract issues, we would direct you to talk to the homeowner, your attorney and/or the title company.